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995 Roswell Street, Suite 100, Marietta, GA 30060


Welcome to Arcadian Resources. I am an experienced national service provider and consultant in the fields of education, social services, and mental health counseling. My specialities are working with public and private agencies who are interested in serving military service members, Veterans and thier families.

MISSION: The goal of Arcadian Resources is to assist anyone who needs help in moving forward in their lives.  I am an advocate for my fellow veterans. I provide limited services to individuals as my strategy at this point in my life is to be a force multiplier. I want to ensure that other service providers provide quality care that respects military culture.                                                                                                         


* Primary services are to provide education and training to other service providers. I provide clinical training to other clinicians through workshops and on-line postings. Clients include the VA, SAMHSA and HRSA as well as State Agencies and many individual private and public agencies.

* Direct Counseling Services to individuals.  Mental health and employee assistance is available for individuals, families, veterans, and to support organizations.  I provide motivational workshops to encourage positive and resilient lives.

* Critical Incident Stress Management. Emergency response to tragedies and catastrophic events.

* Grants Coach. Helping non-profits and other organizations to stay in business to serve others.

* Grants Reviewer. Services to federal agencies and foundations. Technical cost evaluator.

* Program Evaluation & Technical Assistance. Review and analysis. Technical Report Writing.

* Educational Support regarding learning disabilities, ADHD, Aspergers Syndrome and other conditions affecting ability to learn and to function effectively.  I am a parent advocate.  

Limited Availability


Access to services for individual private clients is  limited. Primary services are clinical consulting to organizations and critical incident response.  If you are a military service member or veteran, you will receive screening and referral to free services!  A few clients will be accepted for direct services by appointment only.