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Welcome to Arcadian Resources. I am an experienced national service provider and consultant in the fields of education, social services, and mental health counseling. My specialities are working with public and private agencies who are interested in serving military service members, Veterans and thier families.

MISSION: The goal of Arcadian Resources is to assist anyone who needs help in moving forward in their lives.  I am an advocate for my fellow veterans. I provide limited services to individuals as my strategy at this point in my life is to be a force multiplier. I want to ensure that other service providers provide quality care that respects military culture.                                                                                                         


Clinical Consulting and Training related to serving Veterans. 

I work with federal, state and local governments as well as numerous non-profit organizations and community groups. I am available to provide clinical training and speak at workshops and conferences. 


Limited Direct Clinical Services to Adults and Families.

I do not work with children. I use a short term, solution-focused or problem-solving approach to help individuals cope with stress in their lives and common issues. I primarily do one-time consultations with veterans who need help in negotiating the VA system,


Critical Incident Response.

I work under contract with various Employee Assistance Programs to assist employees cope with adverse incidents which occur in the work place. These include unexpected deaths, industrial accidents, reduction in force or job lay-offs, and other trauma.  All services are provided on-site.

Limited Availability


Access to services for individual private clients is  limited. Primary services are clinical consulting to organizations and critical incident response.  If you are a military service member or veteran, you will receive screening and referral to free services!